About us

At Unnati-Svasth Healthcare Services, our mission is to make high-quality, hassle-free healthcare affordable and accessible to all communities. We do this with the help of our highly-trained and dedicated team of specialist doctors, technicians, and healthcare administrators who are passionate about our cause.

With social service and top-class patient care being the tenets of our organisation, Unnati-Svasth provides a wide range of healthcare services on par with international standards for schools, businesses, residential communities, and rural communities. Our programs abide by the guidelines laid out by the respective regulatory authorities like the Ministry of Labour and Employment and the Central Board of Secondary Education. We also offer customised programs that are tailored to the health and wellness needs of your organisation/community, as long as they fall within these guidelines as applicable.

Our services include, but are not limited to

    • Health risk assessments
    • Health check-ups
    • Healthcare expenditure reduction programs
    • Health talks
    • Consultations
    • Holistic preventive health programs
  • On-site health screenings

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